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Our First Gathering!!

Posted by Dark Wolf on March 8, 2011 at 2:11 PM Comments comments (11)

Ahh I'm so excited! We have enough cats willing to Rp to have our own Gathering! I'll admit, I'm Rping most of them xD But at least it's a Gathering! Now, it had a slow start, but it's happening! So be sure to get your cat there, this is gonna be cool fries with AWESOME SAUCE!!

I'm Back!.. Sort of!

Posted by Dark Wolf on February 17, 2011 at 2:23 PM Comments comments (22)

Hey everyone! I'm back from a loooong absence! I'm hoping to start re-editing the site, making it more up to date, etc. I'm also going to start taking over some unused cats and Rping as them myself! However, if you would like to take over an unused cat, just ask and I'll happily let you use that cat!

My ACTUAL cats will start being used again as well, so don't get freaked if someone new starts Rping, it's just me! Hahaha. 

Also, once again, I'll r...

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I have a More News!

Posted by Dark Wolf on October 8, 2010 at 11:58 AM Comments comments (2)

Alright everyone! I have some new news!! First of all, we have a prophecy!! Stormblaze just received it, and now it will be passed on to the leaders of each clan. Be prepared! 

Another piece of info I need to pass... 

Lately, I have been messing around on photoshop, and using some of the cat pictures. They are turning out pretty awesome! So, I have an idea. If you would like the picture of your cat (or cats) photoshopped by me, then just message me, or tell m...

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Newest Info on the Warrior's World

Posted by Dark Wolf on September 26, 2010 at 12:56 PM Comments comments (7)

We have had many many cats join, and for that I am extremely grateful!! Now all I can say is that we need some Barn Cats and Twolegplace cats! Also, we might soon have a new prophecy! Be prepared! 

On the Twolegplace cats issue, I have a question for you RPers. Should we have Kittypets AND wild Twolegplace cats, like in the Skyclan books? Or should we just have Kittypets? Its your choice!! 

Oh, and aside from Barn Cats, we also need some Rogues an...

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Welcome to the World of Warriors!

Posted by Dark Wolf on September 15, 2010 at 7:51 PM Comments comments (3)

If you have just joined, thanks! This site was made thanks to the encouragement of my friends, and I hope that everyone enjoys it! Invite your friends as well! Thanks again!! Have fun!




Welcome, Dawnfire!

Nothing new is happening in Silenceclan at the moment. Keep Rping though, and new things will pop up soon!


Welcome, Robinpelt, Sandpaw and Eaglepaw!

Nothing too important is happening in Cascadeclan right now, but keep an eye on those two new apprentices, Sandpaw and Eaglepaw. They're sure to become great warriors!


Welcome, Shadowscream and Littlewhisker!

Nothing much is happening in Tornadoclan right now, but keep checking back and Rping!


Welcome Mossfeather!

Nothing very interesting going on in this clan, but keep Rping and something is bound to appear!

Loners and Rogues

Welcome, Archy (rogue), Moonlight (rogue), Sparrow (rouge), Fierceheart (rogue), Shadowmarkings (rogue), Breeze (rogue), Tatterleaf (rogue), and Obi (rogue)! 

The Rogues just got through with their war against the clans, but are still planning something.. of course, the Rogues are always planning, right? So keep an eye on the rogues, they might attack again soon!

As for the Loners, nothing much is going on. Poor Thorn is all by himself! But who knows what he'll try? Keep watching!

Barn Cats

Welcome, Pebble, Stone, and Bear!

Nothing extremely interesting is going on with the Barn Cats, but who knows who'll room with them next?

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