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I'm Back!.. Sort of!

Posted by Dark Wolf on February 17, 2011 at 2:23 PM

Hey everyone! I'm back from a loooong absence! I'm hoping to start re-editing the site, making it more up to date, etc. I'm also going to start taking over some unused cats and Rping as them myself! However, if you would like to take over an unused cat, just ask and I'll happily let you use that cat!

My ACTUAL cats will start being used again as well, so don't get freaked if someone new starts Rping, it's just me! Hahaha. 

Also, once again, I'll reiterate that I am able to photoshop your cats picture if you would like! I can add names, color, change the whole thing to a whole new cat, etc., so whatever you want, just ask! 

Although I'm back, I'm often busy with school, so don't freak out if I'm not on for one or two days. It just happens; not everyone's able to come on every single day. This also means do NOT take over my or someone else's cats!! Just because they aren't being Rped and there's a battle/important scene going on, that doesn't mean you can just take over! Some people would like to Rp their cats for themselves. 

I've also noticed that there have been some rule breakers. If any of you see a rule breaker, contact me, and I will remake the chat box they have vandalized. 

If you want to just talk, I can be found on the Cat Chat often!

Anyway, back to my main point, I'm back!!

Dark Wolf (Site Owner, also known as Eaglestar) 

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Reply Archy
3:25 PM on February 17, 2011 
I have quite a few questions that I would LOVE someone to answer.

1. May I pretty please use Scarspine and Thorn?

2. I would LOVE to have you Photoshop Archy's picture on the site. You could make it look evil or heroic. It is up to you and what you know about him. If you have any questions about him, just send them to me through the site. (I almost never look at my email.)

3. If you don't think this sounds to pushy... can I please have Hawkstar?
Reply Obi
3:29 PM on February 17, 2011 
I have one question: Can I be Dawndream and Blackbird?
Reply Dark Wolf
5:10 PM on February 17, 2011 
In answer to Archy's questions:
Yes, Scarspine and Thorn are yours! Rp them well or they will be taken away, which I highly doubt you'd do anything bad = )
Also, I will start photoshopping as soon as possible!
Oh, and on Hawkstar... hmm.. yes. But, I'll have to tell you something about him.. I'll probably message it to you. Then you'll know how a message works!

In answer to Obi's question:
Dawndream and Blackbird are also yours! But I think I'll have to tell you something about Blackbird.. as with Archy, I'll message it to you!
Reply Shadowmarkings
5:49 PM on February 17, 2011 
Umm... I would like to ask you if I could have Ironclaw please? if I could I would be grateful!
Reply Shadowmarkings
6:04 PM on February 17, 2011 
Can I also have Fireblaze and Tanglefire from Featherclan? if I can't its fine.
Reply Archy
6:18 PM on February 17, 2011 
To: Dark Wolf
Wait. Are you going to email or message me through the site? :/
Reply Shadowmarkings
6:59 PM on February 17, 2011 
Can I have Jetpaw to because then I could be my own apprentice if you let me have ronclaw if not thats ok just asking!
Reply Shadowmarkings
6:59 PM on February 17, 2011 
Ironclaw I mean oops!
Reply Obi
12:31 AM on February 18, 2011 
Can I please use Creamberry, also? I'm pretty sure whoever made her never rped with her anyways (I checked, and I found nothing).
Reply Shadowmarkings
12:40 AM on February 18, 2011 
If you don't mind could I also have Sparrowwing from Starclan also I'm asking for alot of cats hope thats okay with you!
Reply Obi
12:46 AM on February 18, 2011 
(If you let me use Creamberry, do you think I can change her name?)
Reply Archy
2:07 PM on February 18, 2011 
You guys are really wanty. Why aren't you okay with your cats?
Reply sparrow
9:39 PM on February 20, 2011 
the serenity pool is preety much just a chat box recently and it is bugging me so can u please redo it
Reply fierceheart
9:45 PM on February 20, 2011 
can y please photoshop fierceheart's pic to make him looking mean and fierce and not like a kitten. like if u can a pic of himfighting and actually being able to see him(sorry if i am confusing)
Reply Dark Wolf
2:07 AM on February 21, 2011 
In answer to Shadowmarking's questions:
You can have Ironclaw, Fireblaze, Tanglefire, and Jetpaw. I'm not sure if I'll let you have Sparrowwing, since I created her, but I might. Just let me think about that one, alright? Thanks!

In answer to Obi's questions:
Creamberry is another that I made, so I'll have to think about it before I let you have her. And I probably won't let you change the name; I really like that name. Sorry.

In answer to Sparrow's question:
Just don't even talk to me right now. You're the one that STARTED all that crap! You really need to stop being an ass and start Rping the CORRECT way, alright? Follow the damn rules! That's why they're there! -.-

In answer to Fierceheart's question:
I will do my best.
Reply Obi
2:15 PM on February 21, 2011 
If you don't want to give Creamberry up, that's tottaly okay. (And sorry about that name thing)
Reply Shadowmarkings
5:38 PM on February 21, 2011 
THANK YOU for letting me have Ironclaw, Jetpaw, Tanglefire, and Fireblaze. Its ok if I can't have Sparrowwing I could always just make a cat i starclan. I'm happy with those. Don't go through all the work if you don't want to. Thanks for everything!
Reply Moonlight
10:56 AM on May 28, 2011 
can you change your screen name and your picture?
and what is RPing?
Reply Moonlight
11:30 AM on May 28, 2011 
how do you MAKE a cat?
Reply Breeze
12:36 PM on January 21, 2012 
Um... I don't want to sound wanty like archy said, I just want to help out. If I was an admin, I would be happy too help with updates and adding new cats. You can think it over. It's totally fine with me if you say no.


Welcome, Dawnfire!

Nothing new is happening in Silenceclan at the moment. Keep Rping though, and new things will pop up soon!


Welcome, Robinpelt, Sandpaw and Eaglepaw!

Nothing too important is happening in Cascadeclan right now, but keep an eye on those two new apprentices, Sandpaw and Eaglepaw. They're sure to become great warriors!


Welcome, Shadowscream and Littlewhisker!

Nothing much is happening in Tornadoclan right now, but keep checking back and Rping!


Welcome Mossfeather!

Nothing very interesting going on in this clan, but keep Rping and something is bound to appear!

Loners and Rogues

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The Rogues just got through with their war against the clans, but are still planning something.. of course, the Rogues are always planning, right? So keep an eye on the rogues, they might attack again soon!

As for the Loners, nothing much is going on. Poor Thorn is all by himself! But who knows what he'll try? Keep watching!

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