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This is where other parts of The Forest are, where the Loners, Rogues, and Barn cats are, and also the Cat Chat box is here! The Cat Chat box is just for chatting with other members, or advertising your site!

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 Thorn- A dark brown tabby tom with fern green eyes. Due to his lonely past, he can be easily manipulated by persuasive cats, just to feel like he belongs somewhere.

Mate: None   Follower: None  

Ember- She is the perfect example of a rebellious cat.. In fact, her mother, which was her role-model,  rebelled against a group that was rebelling against a different group, and she was the one that taught Ember everything she knows.Where she used to live, all the cats lived by their own rules, and she fully intends to do the same in this forest. She is intelligent and has good fighting skills, but putting your trust in her isn't the best idea...

Mate: None





Archy- A black tom with yellow eyes and many scars. Menacing and brutal, the only time he is kind is when he is playing with a kit. A kit is also his only weak spot. He is normally a great fighter, tough and strong. He plans to attack the clans and maybe start a war, but he needs more recruits...

Mate: Breeze

Moonlight- A pure black she-cat with piercing blue eyes. Dangerously ambitious, and aggressive when needed. She follows Archy, sometimes. But she often argues when she believes she is right and the others are wrong. She is willing to attack the clans because she has had a bad past with them.

Mate: Obi

Sparrow (rouge)

Sparrow- A black she-cat with yellow eyes. She is very defensive, bloodthirsty and battle hungry, but when she finds someone she loves she'll protect them with her life. She is also very loyal to Archy and the rogues and can't wait to attack the clans.

Mate: Fierceheart 

Fierceheart-  A dark gray and very muscular tom with amber eyes. He loves to fight and is good at it, and for this he was kicked out of his clan. Now he resides with the rogues, planning the clans treachery. 

Mate: Sparrow

Shadowmarkings- A brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. Fierce, but intelligent. She can be sneaky and sly, and is usually getting herself into trouble. However, she is loyal to those she trusts, and will protect them with her life.

Mate: None

Breeze- A small, light gray she-cat with bright blue eyes. She is a high-jumper, and good at climbing trees. Very brave when in battle, she often wins. Another thing that helps her in battle is her sneakiness; she sneaks up on her opponents and surprise attacks them.

Mate: Archy

Tatterleaf- A dark gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes with many scars from past battles. She is very ferocious, and fights viciously. Don't get in her way, and don't get on her bad side. She's as quick as a viper, and her venom is just as deadly. 

Mate: None

Obi- A gray tom with yellow eyes, and is blind in one eye. He lived in a nearby forest where the cats were brutal and fierce, and lived to fight. After going blind in one eye by a vicious tom he moved to the rouge's cavern to join the rebellion. He is also the brother of Archy.

Mate: Moonlight

Snowpaw- A white tabby she-cat with black spots and amber eyes. She has many scars from many battles. She trusts those who she likes, but when angered she is dangerous. Usually she is nice to those who are nice to her. She doesn't give any warning before she attacks, so don't get on her bad side.

Mate: None

Robinpelt- Robinleaf has light sand colored fur, which fades into a white belly. She is just twelve moons old and has no loyalties except to friends and her own cleverness. Her long legs enable her to run quickly, and her stamina allows her to run longer than most. Her warm amber eyes sparkle with intelligence and she catches on quickly. If you didn't know better, it would be hard to distinguish her as a rouge because of her extreme politeness and eagerness to make new friends. Also, she would never be rude and insult anyone. She is also smart, like most rouges, and catches on quickly.


Barn Cats


 Thistle- A sleek, light brown tom with a dark brown muzzle, paws and ears, and light blue eyes. A very kind cat with long legs, not as plump as a normal barn cat due to vigorous training. He welcomes any cat that wishes to stay in the barn, and is considered the greeter of the barn cats, and possibly the leader. Always happy to share the barn, and always helpful.

Mate: None  Apprentice: None 


Pebble- A gray she-cat with blue eyes, a white striped muzzle, and one white paw. She is a calm patient cat who used to live with her mother in another forest a long ways away. She is always kind and is happy to be living in the barn where she can finally rest after her many moons of travel.

Mate: None  Apprentice: None 

Stone- A gray she-cat with blue eyes. She is Pebble's sister. She's always anxious, suspicious and is often nervous. She is afraid of dying and would do anything to live forever.. or, at least, be promised that.

Mate: None  Apprentice: None

Bear- A dark brown tom with no tail and green eyes. He is friendly and a good tree-climber. He loves helping others, which is why he resides in the barn. He is happy to be in a place where he feels welcome. Even though as a kit he lost most of his hearing in a kithood accident, he seems to understand the hidden meaning of words.




This is where you just chat! Talk about anything, but the main rules (no cussing, no sexual stuff) still apply. Advertise your site or a site you like! Just whatever! But have fun!!

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Welcome, Dawnfire!

Nothing new is happening in Silenceclan at the moment. Keep Rping though, and new things will pop up soon!


Welcome, Robinpelt, Sandpaw and Eaglepaw!

Nothing too important is happening in Cascadeclan right now, but keep an eye on those two new apprentices, Sandpaw and Eaglepaw. They're sure to become great warriors!


Welcome, Shadowscream and Littlewhisker!

Nothing much is happening in Tornadoclan right now, but keep checking back and Rping!


Welcome Mossfeather!

Nothing very interesting going on in this clan, but keep Rping and something is bound to appear!

Loners and Rogues

Welcome, Archy (rogue), Moonlight (rogue), Sparrow (rouge), Fierceheart (rogue), Shadowmarkings (rogue), Breeze (rogue), Tatterleaf (rogue), and Obi (rogue)! 

The Rogues just got through with their war against the clans, but are still planning something.. of course, the Rogues are always planning, right? So keep an eye on the rogues, they might attack again soon!

As for the Loners, nothing much is going on. Poor Thorn is all by himself! But who knows what he'll try? Keep watching!

Barn Cats

Welcome, Pebble, Stone, and Bear!

Nothing extremely interesting is going on with the Barn Cats, but who knows who'll room with them next?

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