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The Forest


Welcome to the forest, where all the clans do their hunting and patrolling, plus, where some secret meetings are held.... journey deeper into the world of the warrior...

 Silenceclan's Hunting Grounds

This is where Silenceclan hunts. It is usually full of birds, voles and mice. No rabbits run through this territory.

 Cascadeclan's Hunting Grounds

This is where Cascadeclan hunts. A large river runs through it, stemming off of the river running through Cascadeclan's camp. They mainly catch fish here, but mice are found as well, along with a few voles.

 Tornadoclan's Hunting Grounds

This is where Tornadoclan hunts. They hunt among the dense trees, where they find voles, squirrels, birds, mice, and sometimes a small rabbit or two.

 Featherclan's Hunting Grounds

This is where Featherclan hunts. It is a large grassy plain, with long fronds of grass. rabbits are the easiest things to catch here, but there are mice and SOMETIMES voles as well.


Silenceclan's Border

This is Silenceclan's territory ending. Their territory borders Tornadoclan's territory and Cascadeclan's territory.


Cascadeclan's Border

This is Cascadeclan's territory ending. Their territory borders Silenceclan's territory and Featherclan's territory.


Tornadoclan's Border

This is Tornadoclan's territory ending. Their territory borders Silenceclan's territory and Featherclan's territory.


Featherclan's Border

This is Featherclan's territory ending. Their territory borders Cascadeclan's territory and Tornadoclan's territory. 

The Giant Fir

This is a huge Fir tree. It stands at almost the center of the forest. Cats come here often to converse, and sometimes secret mates meet here, beneath the Fir's roots.

 The Catmint Garden

This is where the medicine cats go to get catmint. Sometimes other cats come here as well, however.


Loners Hollow

This is a hollow where many loners stay, but they are not a clan. They just come here for rest and food.


Rogues Cavern

This is a dark cavern in the side of a mountain, where many rogues stay. However, like the loners, they are not a clan. They just come here for rest and food, and sometimes, to plan an attack.

The Barn 

This is where cats who have retired from warrior life, cats who have decided to no longer be a rogue/loner, or just cats who have lived here from the start stay. It is a giant red barn, with many levels, and bountiful prey. Sometimes cats just crossing over the land stop here to rest. Barn cats are always kind and helpful, and let other cats share their home.




Welcome, Dawnfire!

Nothing new is happening in Silenceclan at the moment. Keep Rping though, and new things will pop up soon!


Welcome, Robinpelt, Sandpaw and Eaglepaw!

Nothing too important is happening in Cascadeclan right now, but keep an eye on those two new apprentices, Sandpaw and Eaglepaw. They're sure to become great warriors!


Welcome, Shadowscream and Littlewhisker!

Nothing much is happening in Tornadoclan right now, but keep checking back and Rping!


Welcome Mossfeather!

Nothing very interesting going on in this clan, but keep Rping and something is bound to appear!

Loners and Rogues

Welcome, Archy (rogue), Moonlight (rogue), Sparrow (rouge), Fierceheart (rogue), Shadowmarkings (rogue), Breeze (rogue), Tatterleaf (rogue), and Obi (rogue)! 

The Rogues just got through with their war against the clans, but are still planning something.. of course, the Rogues are always planning, right? So keep an eye on the rogues, they might attack again soon!

As for the Loners, nothing much is going on. Poor Thorn is all by himself! But who knows what he'll try? Keep watching!

Barn Cats

Welcome, Pebble, Stone, and Bear!

Nothing extremely interesting is going on with the Barn Cats, but who knows who'll room with them next?

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