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Posted by Dark Wolf on September 26, 2010 at 12:56 PM

We have had many many cats join, and for that I am extremely grateful!! Now all I can say is that we need some Barn Cats and Twolegplace cats! Also, we might soon have a new prophecy! Be prepared! 

On the Twolegplace cats issue, I have a question for you RPers. Should we have Kittypets AND wild Twolegplace cats, like in the Skyclan books? Or should we just have Kittypets? Its your choice!! 

Oh, and aside from Barn Cats, we also need some Rogues and Loners!!! Help with this would be great too!

Keep inviting your friends and friends of friends! Thanks for everything!


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Reply Icestar
1:51 PM on September 26, 2010 
I think we should have wild twolegcats along with soft ones, I'll make a loner, rogue, and kittypet in a little bit.
Reply Eaglestar
1:54 PM on September 26, 2010 
K thanks!!
Reply Eaglepaw
10:57 AM on December 31, 2010 
I think the wild kittypets would be fun, they could attack the clans...
Also,I have made a soft kittypet and am thinking about making a rouge soon.
Reply Archy
9:07 PM on January 27, 2011 
HIYA! I must confess... I've only made one rouge. :( But I've told all of my friends and together we have about 7 rouges. :)
Reply Breeze
12:39 PM on January 21, 2012 
Breeze is my rouge, who is not a rouge anymore because of her dramatic run away. She faked her death because she was not cut out for a life of evil and she left her kit Morning with archy sooo yeah... we lost one and gained one.
Reply Breeze
12:40 PM on January 21, 2012 
i JUST realized that the post before mine was almost EXACTLY one year away from mine...
Reply Helen
12:32 PM on January 30, 2016 
I made 2 loners and im trying to get my cat Helen (who im being) to go from a silenceclan kit that was kicked out to a kittypet that was abandoned to a rogue, and right now, she is about to be a rogue as soon as Archy accepts her, (her original name was Starkit btw)

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