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The feather... it floats calmly, peacefully on the breeze.. but when the storm hits, it cuts through the forest, sharp as a knife... beware the feather's soft exterior... fear its inner strength...

Featherclan is mainly peaceful, but when angered, they are strong and swift. They rely on their quick reflexes and speed during a battle more than their strength. They live in a rocky hollow (much like Thunderclan's in the Lake Territories), that lies in a large, grassy plain.

Camp Entrance

The camp entrance is a rock tunnel.


Camp Clearing


Warriors Den

A cavern in the side of the hollow.


Apprentices Den

Same as the warriors den, but smaller.


Elders Den

Same as the warriors den.



Same as the warriors den, but larger. 

Medicine Den 

Like the leader's den, but on a lower outcropping than it.


Graystar's Den

Graystar's den is a cavern just like the warriors den, but it is on a rock outcropping, high above the other dens.



Breezehill is where Graystar holds clan meetings. It is a large hill in the center of the hollow. 




Graystar- A handsome gray tom with a long zig-zag streak down his back to his tail tip. He is kind, swift, loyal and the smartest cat in the clan, and knows his way around the forest. He can scent a mouse from a fox-length away. 

Mate: None    Apprentice: None    Lives: Nine 


Willowleaf- A silver tabby she-cat with gray spike marks on her chin. She is kind and loving, and is dedicated to her clan and her leader. She will always be loyal.

Mate: None   Apprentice: None 

Medicine Cat


Dawndream- A black she-cat with green forest green eyes. Her tail is white with black stripes and her belly is somewhat tan. She's kind,loving and will do anything for the warrior code. She's the best medicine cat next to Spiritcrystal and her heart has always told her she was going to be a medicine cat. She is bound by the warrior code and lives for it.

Mate: Prohibited   Apprentice: None 



Hawkshine- A brown tabby she-cat with bright, ice-blue eyes. She is a peaceful cat, but fights as hard as anyone. She sometimes helps the medicine cats, but she could never be one. She loves watching over kits as well. She is very, very loyal, and will follow the warrior code no matter what, even if it means she will die because of it. She is a great warrior.

Mate: None     Apprentice: None 

  Silverfur- A pretty silver tabby she-cat with fern green eyes. Wise and gentle demeanor, with random outbursts of anger, which is usually brought on by careless apprentices. She is a senior warrior.

Mate: None   Apprentice: None

Heatherheart- A light, tan-colored she-cat with slightly darker spots and green eyes. She also has long claws. She is swift and silent on her paws. She is kind, but fierce when she wants to be. She would love a mate, and adores kits. She's hoping some cat, some day, will notice her.

Mate: None  Apprentice: None 

Fireblaze- A flame colored tom with cream patches, clear blue eyes, and a striped tail. He's kind and believes in peace. However, he is fierce in battle and his claws are surprisingly black. He would be protective of his mate and kits, if he can find the right cat. He will do anything to protect an innocent cat, and will always be loyal to his clan. He dreams of nothing more.

Mate: None  Apprentice: None

Tanglefire- A tortoiseshell she-cat with black and ginger fur and calm green eyes. She is sweet, but don't let that fool you. If you get on her bad side, she will make your life miserable every chance she gets. Her name suits her; her past is tangled, and she is like fire, calm but harsh. She never forgets.

Mate: None  Apprentice: None

Dustfoot- A dirt brown tabby tom with amber eyes. He's usually kind, but can be tempermental. He loves living in the forest, and loves battles, but he is very loyal to his clan, and will do what's best to keep them safe.

Mate: None  Apprentice: None 

 Mossfeather- A gray tabby she-cat with dark green eyes. She is very swift, like most Featherclan cats, and is great at hunting. She is very kind and loyal to her clan. However, at times she can be as curious as a kit. Her good sense of smell makes her a great patroller, so her clan can rely on her to keep them safe.

Mate: None  Apprentice: None 

Morningbreeze- A blue-gray she-cat with darker spots and sky blue eyes. She is small and a good jumper. Most cats would describe her as happy, friendly, and always willing to help others. She does have some friends from Silenceclan though, but her loyalties lie in Featherclan.

Mate: None  Apprentice: None

Flamefrost- A red/orange she-cat with white patches. She has long legs and emerald eyes. She is extremely loyal to her clan, but aggressive when it comes to battles. She is peaceful otherwise, however. She is a fast learner, but very curious. Her curiosity makes her cunning and secretive. 

Mate: None  Apprentice: None

Gladepond- Gladepond is a kind and loyal warrior. She loves to help every cat but can be a fierce and dangerous fighter when her clan is in trouble. She is quick to anger but also quick to forgive. She hates getting her paws wet. She can sometimes let her feelings override her and likes to hunt alone during those times. She loves kits and has always wanted some of her own.

Mate: None     Apprentice: None





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