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Warriors: The Series



Serenitypool... a place of calm and peace... 

This is where cats come to meet their mates (or where you find a mate).


 Rule #1: NO SEXUAL COMMENTS!! They are completely not allowed!!!

 Rule #2: As I said before, no Starclan mates.

 Rule #3: You cannot be mates with your apprentice if you're a warrior... that's just... weird.

 Rule #4: Kits and apprentices cannot have mates till they are warriors! They can like each other, but no mates till warriorship!

 Rule #5: You CANNOT be mates with your brother/sister... that's also creepy!!

 Rule #6: You can break up with your mate, but you must both agree first.

 Rule #7: Leaders and Medicine Cats CAN have mates, but keep it secret unless you WANT your clan to find out! Also, you can have mates from other clans, but once again keep it secret.

Follow these rules, because the same punishment that applies to the main rules applies to these!!


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