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Through the wind and rain.. comes the tornado.. it sweeps in fast, knocking out any sign of life... then, it's gone, with a fading roar. 

Tornadoclan is a great and strong clan, relying on their muscles and power over their quickness or stealth. They live in a large grassy clearing, surrounded on all sides by trees. They are best at fighting in the daytime, and have trained themselves to fight well in stormy weather.

Camp Entrance

The camp entrance is a bramble tunnel made in between two large elms.

 Camp Clearing

 Warriors Den

The warriors den is built of twigs interlaced with ferns. 

 Apprentices Den

The apprentices den is the same as the warriors den, except it's a bit smaller.  

Elders Den

This is the same as the warriors den.



This is the same as the warriors den, but larger. 


Medicine Den

This is the same as the warrior den and apprentices den, except it is two seperate sections (one section for injured or ill cats, plus the medicine cat, and another section for herbs).


 Icestar's Den

Icestar's den is under the roots of a large tree.

 Thunder Rock

Thunder Rock is a large rock in the center of camp. It is where Icestar holds clan meetings.


Icestar- A blue-gray eyed she-cat that's a fierce tabby. She has razor sharp teeth and claws with a white muzzle. She is mean and hostile to other clans. But she acts like none of that to her clan. She is gentle and nice to her clan and will never back down from a challenge. She has much faith in StarClan and will always have faith in them since she opened her eyes when she was a kit. She trusts her Medicine Cat and her clan but sometimes kits and apprentices annoy her. 

Mate: None   Apprentice: None    Lives: Nine 



Airstrike- A pure white she-cat with icy blue eyes and long legs that are made for running. She is kind and loving, but shows her true colors in battle.

Mate: None   Apprentice: None 

Medicine Cat



Ironclaw- A light brown tom with black spots down his back and sides. He has gold eyes and very long, sharp claws. He was being trained by a Dark Forest cat, and sometimes evil still clouds his vision. However, when he is not being overtaken, he is a calm, handsome, and kind cat. He likes the humor of kits and wants a mate who'll accept him for who he is.

Mate: None  Apprentice: Jetpaw

Stormblaze- A pitch black tom with dark blue-gray eyes and a small white patch on his neck. He is a very quiet and shy, and keeps to himself most of the time. He had a bad past, but he holds all his anger inside. However, when he fights it comes out like a storm, onto his enemies. This is why he is such a great warrior. 

Mate: None   Apprentice: None 

 Birchheart- A large russet tom with a splash of white on his chest and paws. His eyes are dark brown and his fur is thick and soft. A hard-going tom who will not stand for anyone disrupting peace in his clan. He is nice and forgiving to his clan, but to the others, he is cold and harsh.

Mate: None   Apprentice: None 

Shadowscream- A muscular black tom with white paws, a white patch over his neck and amber eyes with a touch of green. His dark past has made him harsh, with curt words and a flaring temper. He doesn't hold back his sharp teeth and long claws when he's angry, so try to stay off of his bad side. Deep down behind the brambles surrounding his heart, he's a sweet cat. You just have to search for the good in him. Those who seek it though, find something greater.

Mate: None   Apprentice: None 


Littlewhisker- A beautiful white she cat with orange patches all over her. She also has a long, feather like tail and big gray eyes. Her teeth are small, but still dangerous. She is considered to be very beautiful in the clan. She is well known as being sweet, loving, and sarcastic to her clan members, but spiteful, rough, and brutal to other clans. She's looking for a mate who loves her for what's on the inside, not for her looks.

Mate: None   Apprentice: None 

Snowstorm- She is loyal, smart, and fierce, and will defend anything that is hers.

Mate: None Apprentice: None




Jetpaw- A jet black female with icy blue eyes and VERY sharp teeth and claws. Kind, but only to a certain few, of her choosing. Her icy blue eyes are as cold as her heart.

Warrior Apprentice   Mentor: Ironclaw




Jaykit- A reckless silver-blue tom with the unruly habit of being stubborn. His parents are unknown so he has naturally learned to be independent and like all kits he is as adventurous as a hawk. 

Rockkit- He is sneaky and likes to play around.




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